I make web apps and stuff.

A virtual tabletop for Dungeons & Dragons

Play together with players all over the world, whenever you want!

Enter the Dungeon
Dungeon Club

More Apps

A collection of all applications I've finished so far.

Move Music

Move your liked songs, created playlists and followed artists from YouTube Music to Spotify.

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Always keep the latest versions of your Fruity Loops projects in the cloud.

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Merge an audio file with an image to create a video suitable for Instagram.

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This One's For the Devs

Resources for developers, such as installable packages.

(By the way, every personal project I decide to publish is open source and available on GitHub.)


A Dart library to handle file logging and graceful exits.

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Grid Space

A lightweight Dart library to create and convert between square grids and hexagonal grids.

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An unofficial generated API reference for Moodle web services.

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A polygon merging Dart library with web/SVG implementation, made to be used in vector based drawing tools.

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About Me

I'm a fullstack developer with programming experience of roughly 10 years, born and raised in Germany. Due to my parents both sharing a mathematical background and proficiency in computer science, I suppose it's only natural that my interest for software development emerged at a young age.

As with every journey, there's got to be a beginning - something to kick it off and set the ball rolling. Back in the days, my introduction to programming were graphical environments like Scratch and Lego Mindstorms. You're given a set of command bricks which you can arrange and plug together however you like. Some might react to input, others may return output. This seems primitive at first, but you'd be surprised at how much a restriction of tools can push people to think outside the box. I was making tiny, tiny games on a heavy old laptop and it was amazing. Seeing your self-coded sequence play out in front of you, responding to keypresses, exactly as designed... it's really satisfying. That's your idea thriving and unfolding right before you!

At this point I'd also like to include an honorable mention which really helped my brain ease into programmatic problem solving. You see, when I was five years old, my dad bought a PlayStation 3 and with it arrived a video game I would soon be obsessed with: Little Big Planet, my beloved. Apart from an adorable design and story mode, players were able to make their own levels from the ground up and publish them for everyone to see. This collaborative and creative aspect only grew with the sequel by introducing circuitry, logical operators, custom input handling and more. It didn't feel like just a game, it was an entire game engine.

Over the following years, my curiosity for information technology turned into a passionate hobby. I started researching and reading my way into Java to write plugins for a local Minecraft server. A few months later, I took the next big step and accommodated myself with industry game engine Unity and its variety of features. Lots of small game concepts which I had noted down in school I was finally able to realize, work up and build into standalone executables. Then, HTML, CSS, JavaScript - overall web design and development. Slowly but surely, I grew more confident in my hobby and it seemed to be getting easier and easier to learn a new language or framework. So I wandered from one small project to another, always just dipping my toes in and taking a new look at different areas of programming.

From modern mobile applications to low level Arduino code, over games drawn using pure Java to entire web apps written in Dart and SCSS, I'd say there's pretty much nothing I wouldn't care to try out in terms of project type and size. Here's a list of languages I use for different types of projects:


Web Styling Web Coding Server Backend Desktop App Mobile App Command Line Interface
  • HTML
  • CSS & SCSS
  • JavaScript / jQuery
    • Vue.js
    • Node.js
    • Electron.js
    • Browser Extensions
  • Java
    • JavaFX
  • Python
    • Blender
  • Dart
    • Flutter
    • Flame Game Engine
    • Shelf
  • C#
    • Unity